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Foggy or Not…

We’re staying the course. Matt and I have spent a lot of time over the past few weeks thinking, praying, and talking about what our next steps could or should be in this crazy quest to become parents. While neither of us feel a resounding YES this is the plan for us, neither of us really feel ready to walk away just yet either. And maybe that is the reassurance we were looking for. So, we will be meeting next week with our social worker to update our home study paperwork and will continue down this path a while longer.
As if to confirm God is telling us to hang in there, we’ve received two more potential situations yet this week…and a call from a fellow adoption friend who may have a connection to several other potential situations for us to consider. Throw all that activity in with a crazy work schedule, grass that needs mowed, hair that needs trimmed, floors that need cleaned, a silly race that needs to be run, and Miss Emily has been feeling fraZZLED! I think it would be just like my luck to have a baby thrown in any day now – God definitely has a sense of humor, right?  And boy – do we welcome that addition to the chaos!! 

In the meantime, we’ve been enjoying several other fun things. Recently we took Cotton through a dog obedience course and had a great time watching her learn and respond to us. We can actually go for a walk the three of us now (without fear of running her over)!  I took a day off last week and we spent the beautiful day catching up on errands and yard work and just being around the house together. I got my hands and knees dirty in the flower beds trimming and planting lilac bushes – therapy for my soul, my friends. I hired a man to mow my lawn and rejoiced when I saw him out there mowing, rather than me. Worth.every.penny.
I was promoted at work recently! This comes with a lot of extra responsibility, change, stress, and hopefully good, good things. Extra money is always nice, too, and makes me feel less guilty about the man mowing my lawn!
We have several upcoming trips planned and many good things on the horizon.  Dear friends, I so appreciate you letting me sit here and unleash my feelings – good, bad, or otherwise. While I sometimes feel like each new post is a contradiction to the previous, I guess it rings true to the ups and downs we’ve been experiencing lately. While we still struggle with the unknowns and the battle to be patient…we are still very much aware of how blessed we are. With our health. Our families. Our friends. And our deep, unshakeable love for each other, come what may.
Today I saw this video - which speaks more than I can say about how I've felt over these childless  years...and how I hope...I HOPE to feel someday soon about the child meant for us:

We are a perfect together, indeed. No matter what.


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