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Tuesday Update: 11/15/05

Blessing for the day:
It’s my Dad’s birthday! Happy birthday Dad!!! Can’t wait to celebrate with you over Thanksgiving! I know it’s kind of stinky to spend it alone, but I am so grateful for you and Mom and your willingness to sacrifice being together to help me out. I will always, always be so very thankful.

It’s snowing here today! Hard to believe it was warm enough to sit outside in a t-shirt just a few days ago, and now it’s snowing and COLD! It’s weird to think of how my life has changed over these past several weeks…like the changing seasons. I think back to the day of Matt’s hemorrhage and how it was a warm, sunny, September afternoon. He was running around Boone with his Dad, wearing his new Leach Lake Minnesota t-shirt that I had just bought him on vacation, and a new pair of shorts. I’m sure he had the sun roof open on his car and was enjoying the beautiful weather. I like to picture him like that…enjoying his afternoon. I can’t wait for next summer when he can do more of it…I just can’t wait to get him home! It will be so good when it is just us at home again. I know Matt will still have to have outpatient therapies, of some sort…but just to be at home alone together…that is all we both want right now. I think of the upcoming holidays and how strange they are going to be for us. I told Matt maybe he can have pizza on Thanksgiving! (the speech therapist thinks he may be ready to eat some of the toppings by then) I’m bummed we’ll miss the traditional family get togethers, Christmas tree outings, and shopping excursions. Matt and I can’t seem to come up with anything we want for Christmas…just to be home together. That’s it. We’ve already decided not to buy each other anything…that we’ll go shopping together when he’s feeling better and just buy stuff then. Maybe a big TV (we’d talked about it this summer). Either way, just to be at home with him is all I want. To wake up in the morning and have him there; to hear the comforting rhythm of his snoring at night; to listen to him sing in the shower; to lounge on the couch together reading magazines, or dreaming of things we’d like to do someday…oh, I just can’t wait.

As for Matt…he’s doing great! He drank out of a cup yesterday in speech. He did really well at controlling how much he took in and really liked having the control of it! He’s been propelling his wheelchair around with his legs and left hand as well. The physical therapist wants him to bring himself down for therapy starting tomorrow! He did it today with us beside him and he did great. She is all about getting his independence back…as are we! Yesterday, he practiced bending down and picking things up off the floor then standing back up again. His balance is improving all the time. I walk in each morning to a big ‘HEY BABY!’ now also…can’t get much better than that! Right now we’re sitting here listening to the cd his sister made him for his 30th b-day party this summer…he’s jammin’ to the theme from Smokey and the Bandit, the theme from the Dukes of Hazzard, and of course some Cracklin’ Rosie! Too funny! He even sang a few lines. I just love the goofy moments with Matt…it is so ‘us’.


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