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A Few Words about our Cat…Steve

Our cat, Steve, is what we have lovingly called the ‘World’s Greatest Cat’. He is the opposite of most cats, who are often too independent and skiddish to be of much fun. Unlike most cats, our Steve prefers to cuddle, hang out, snooze, and just plain be lazy. He is also, not the most nimble of felines. He tends to miss his target when attempting to jump on small surfaces, he has been known to roll off the edge of the bed and land with a thud, and generally moves pretty slow (unless our niece Meghan is approaching with her high pitched squeal of delight…’KITTY’!). Every once in a while he gets a wild hair up his butt and runs around like a crazed animal…but it’s pretty rare, and mostly in the evening when we are all downstairs. We will hear him running around the upstairs in a wild frenzy…I think just reveling in the fact that the dogs are downstairs and he’s got a few moments of freedom. And then, he just kicks back and takes a nap.
Well, Steve is apparently completely lost without Matt. He has always preferred to snuggle up on his side of the bed, then moving to my feet when Matt kicks him out…and he would always snuggle up with Matt as he read a magazine or watched TV. Now that it’s just me at home, he’s driving me berserk! I kept telling Matt that I wasn’t sleeping very well at night…and I thought it was due to the fact that he wasn’t there beside me. Well, I think I’ve discovered that my restless nights are a direct result of the cat driving me nuts!
He jumps up at night (just as I’m starting to doze off) and gets right in my face, purring, his whiskers tickling my cheek as he sniffs my face. I shove him aside and he curls up…kneading on whatever he can reach…an arm, a cheek, my neck, whatever. This, of course, drives me crazy and I have to push him aside again…but he bounces back as though his rear end is securely fastened to the bed and his body is made of rubber. I put my hand out to block his kneading little paw and he just kneads on my hand. I attempt to shove him towards the edge of the bed and he dodges my blow and jumps (with unexpected agility) to the foot of the bed…where he slowly circles around and makes his way back up the other side to repeat the process all over again. If I roll over, he follows me…trying to curl up in my face again. I swear…he never used to sleep in my face! He always curled up at the foot of the bed, like a nice, respectable cat…but now, it’s a whole different ballgame! I’m pretty sure this struggle goes on for at least an hour…and then repeats itself whenever I get up to use the bathroom, or roll over. UGH! I can only hope that Matt can kick Steve back into shape when he comes home!


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