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Monday Update: 08/14/06

Well another week has come and gone…the time is flying by and we are both starting to look ahead to Matt’s homecoming. I know he still has 4 weeks left, but we are on the downhill slide, at last! We are both very anxious to have him back at home to start yet another phase of the journey. Even though there are lots of unknowns for our future, we both agree that this homecoming will go much smoother than the last one…that he is so much stronger and more capable of doing things, and the transition back home should be easier. Of course, we’ve learned that with each transition there are frustrations and unexpected things are bound to pop up. But, I think we are both better prepared to deal with them now, than before.
Matt and I talk a lot about the future and he is very hopeful about things, and is also down to earth about his expectations. He’s working as hard as he can, to get as good as he can, but understands that he may not be exactly what he was before. His psychologist put it best when she said that no one CAN go through something like this and be the same person. Matt knows there may be long term affects from his hemorrhage…but he’s going to keep working to try and minimize them. He is upbeat about his prognosis, and is really just looking forward to coming home again. We are DEFINITELY going to have a party in late September. We have SO much to celebrate…his birthday, his homecoming…and most of all that he survived the hemorrhage, and that we survived a full year of recovery. He is excited about that. More and more these days, I think he is reflective on the fact that he survived at all. We’ve read and heard about other cases that were much more devastating and count our blessings over and over. Matt is frustrated that things aren’t as good as he wants them to be yet, but he is grateful he has what he does, and that things are still improving.
Yesterday Matt and I went over to the rec center for their Sunday brunch. We usually go over there every Sunday and eat with the other residents…it is quite good! This week, we were joined by another couple who Matt has gotten to know over the past several weeks, Todd and Tammy. It was good for me to meet them and hear their story. They are another example of unconditional love for one another, and incredible faith in each other and God. He has stood by her side, unwavering in his commitment to her and their life together. He spent every night next to her in her hospital room, for 8 weeks as she drifted in and out of consciousness and awareness. He has taken a year off of his job to be with her each day as she recovers. He drives her to and from QLI everyday for therapy, and during the day he often strikes up conversations with Matt during his breaks. Matt was touched by his love for his wife, and they easily struck up a friendship. They came out to brunch this weekend specially to meet me, and to visit more with Matt. Just listening to Todd talk about Tammy…I was very moved by their love and faith. They are both looking ahead to the future as well, knowing that there are no guarantees…but they still have each other. Matt really enjoys talking with Todd about things and knows that they’ll keep in touch after he leaves QLI. He told me yesterday that he thinks they’ll be friends for a long time, and I believe they will. Matt and I are both very grateful for the many wonderful people who have drifted in and out of our lives throughout this experience…they have truly touched our hearts and made many lasting impressions.


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