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Monday Update: 06/08/09

Well, the busy weekend has come and gone and we find ourselves on the other end of another new week. We had a great time this weekend, visiting with family, and just hanging out.

Friday we went to the eye doctor to try on the trial contact lens. It was pretty exciting for us to try it and both the doctor and the contact lens specialist were pretty pumped about it as well. They’d not tried anything like this before in their office, so they were learning along with us this amazing technology. It was beyond cool to see the contact sitting there like a small, fake, eye! She popped it in his eye and viola…it looked pretty darn amazing! We took some time to check it out and both she and the doctor agreed it looked pretty awesome and Matt couldn’t see out of it at all! We were so excited to have the trial lenses to play with over the busy weekend when we’d have various family members around to check them out. We had two different ones to try; one was a little bluer than the other, so I think that’s the one we’re going to go with. It was just funny showing them to people…sometimes they didn’t even know or realize it wasn’t his actual eye they were looking at! You really, really have to know and be close to tell. It’s just amazing – so cool and I’m so grateful that the doctor was willing to research the idea and find an incredible option for us to try. Matt looked great all weekend (not that he doesn’t always look good) but not having to wear the taped lens or patch was pretty cool!!

Friday afternoon Mom and Dad arrived and spent the rest of the day hanging out with us. We swept up the garage in preparation for Saturday’s get together and enjoyed grilling out and making homemade ice cream together in the garage. We planned to make 2 batches for Saturday’s get together, but of course, we sampled the 1st batch on Friday! It was so good to have some quiet time alone with Mom and Dad – these days that seems pretty rare. It was fun to show them around the yard and all the things I had planted, and just plain be together for a bit.

Saturday we hosted a bunch of family – Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and kiddies for a big ‘ol potluck. The counters were overflowing with all the yummy fixin’s and there was laughter and conversation around every corner – it was great! The men fixed up another batch of ice cream while Meghan and Matthew ‘assisted’…kids played in the yard while adults chatted and then chased after the kids. Thankfully the weather held and even though it rained in the morning, the afternoon was clear and comfortable. We had so much fun catching up with everyone! It’s a real blessing to be able to host that many people and have room to spread out…have I mentioned lately how much I love our house? Well…I still do.

Sunday we headed up to Hope and Chad’s for the day with them and my parents. We hung out on their deck most of the day, just talking and playing with the kids in the yard. Mom and Dad were soaking up the nice, cooler weather, a welcome change from the crazy hot weather they’ve been having down in Texas. That night we drove home to some bad thunderstorms which, of course, peaked Matt’s interest. Thankfully we only received a lot of rain, but nothing damaging in our area! Matt loves the active weather though and would sit out there watching it if he could!
So today was a quiet day for us – just getting back in to the swing of things with work and stuff around the house. It was so great to have Mom and Dad visit and spend time together, though it always goes so quickly. Now that Dad is looking fulltime for a new job, we’re praying that he is able to find something that maybe, just maybe might be up here in Iowa…or at least the Midwest would do! I miss them so much, and always wish I had more time with them.


dmvflunkee said…
If I could whistle I would be whistling at you now Matt:-) You both look great and are such an inspiration to us all! Love you both very much!- Amy

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