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Our New Baby…

Well, folks, we are now the PROUD owners of an orange, two door, 86,000 original miles, 2 previous owner 1976 Chevy Chevette!!

Matt, George, and Chad made the trip up to Minnesota early Saturday morning to look at the car and of course, it was just what Matt wanted. He negotiated a FAIR price of $600 big ones and I’m pretty sure has had a silly smile plastered on his face ever since! Chad said when they pulled out of there they both were giggling like little school girls…and I believe it. How could they not? Here they were, two full grown men, squished into a tiny, old Chevette cruising on down the highway! They had people wave and give them a thumbs up…hilarious. The car ran great on the way home and they were full of cracks about what to nickname the car, as we sat and enjoyed some pizza. Chad especially kept throwing out cheesy names like the She-Vet, or Generally (instead of General Lee…get it?)…I think he was every bit as excited as Matt to play around with and beat on this little car.

There’s a certain sense of freedom that comes with a car like this. No worries about door dings, dents, rust, scratches…just drive it like you stole it and who cares. It’s GREAT! We took it out for spin over to Blake and Amy’s house and I have to say, it was actually really fun to drive. Something about being in that tiny car with the black vinyl seats, cracked and repaired with black tape (naturally), the big cloud of smoke that plumes out the tailpipe when you first take off, the wind blowing through the open windows…it all just took me back. Driving the car with Matt sitting next to me felt like when we were teenagers and he let me drive his old Chevette, teaching me to drive a stick. We laughed and smiled the whole time…talking about how much we loved our cheap, crappy old cars back in those days…and just the freedom they represented for us. We had our OWN cars…who needs cup holders, or tape players, or power steering? We could pile into our cars and go where we wanted. We didn’t care…it was great! I loved my $400 Dodge Omni 024 that my folks bought me my senior year. It was ALL mine. I didn’t have to share it with Hope. I have pictures of Matt and I cleaning it up, REAL NICE…cousin Eddie style. I think about my friends and all the nicer, more modern cars they had…and I’m sure they’ll never understand what I’m talking about. They had cd players and power windows, leather seats, and all kinds of bells and whistles.

This car took us both back…back to happy days of our youth. There’s a simplicity about it that I love. It’s just getting back to the root of us…and for Matt’s love of tinkering with cars. I’m so happy we made it happen…I know he’s really looking forward to all the fun he’s going to have with it, with his friends and family.


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