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Tuesday Update: 09/30/08

Holy cow – where did September go?! I feel like this month just flew by and I hardly had a moment to sit down and write an update – so I apologize for the long delay in posting. Life just gets in the way sometimes, I guess!

Last week we had some upsetting news about our doggies, and both had to have surgery on Monday to remove tumors. Each dog had a different kind of tumor in a different place that needed to come out. Penny had a large tumor on her left side that was bulging out for a few months. It seemed to be getting larger, so we decided to take her in. Buddy developed a weird red bump inside one of his ears a week or two ago, so I thought I’d take them both in…thinking neither one would be a big deal. Well – apparently I was wrong! I’m still waiting for pathology results on the tumors to find out for sure the type of tumors they were, if they were cancerous, and if they got it all or not. We’re hoping that both tumors were successfully removed and no cancer will be found in either dog. It was quite a shock to us to have both dogs with tumors…and a shock to our pocket book as well, having to pay for both surgeries! YIKES! Who needs kids when you’ve animals!?!? They’re both recovering well from the surgeries though, and bouncing around like nothing ever happened. Penny has been wearing t-shirts to keep her from bugging her stitches, instead of having to wear an annoying e-collar. She doesn’t particularly like the t-shirts…but she’s tolerating them, and looks pretty cute in them. Buddy was back to his happy self in no time!

Last week’s acupuncture treatments went well also. Jay had Matt laying on his left side a few times and he placed needles in his right shoulder. He also rubbed a sort of ointment on the shoulder and massaged it a little bit afterwards. The ointment smells strong and minty, and Matt likes it! It sort of reminds me of vaporub! Matt continues to love the herbal medicine and happily drinks it down morning and night. He always thanks me when I bring it to him, but I can tell he’s disappointed that I remembered it!

We also headed over to Tim and Mary’s house for dinner a few weekends ago, on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. We enjoyed catching up with them again and of course we were spoiled by Mary’s excellent cooking. They have a couple doggies as well who were so happy to have dog loving company!

This past weekend we went to the Iowa/Northwestern game in Iowa City. It was a gorgeous morning, which quickly heated up to a fairly HOT afternoon…but we had a great time watching the game and just soaking it all in. It was homecoming weekend and I really enjoyed watching the Alumni marching band! Of course the Hawks started out playing great…and then fizzled in the 2nd half and lost. But, we still had fun just being there. I think the worst part, by FAR, is the drive to and from the game. I was so annoyed by the time we got home…after having been in the car for nearly THREE hours. I’m always amazed at how bad people drive…and confused why everyone THINKS they need to be in the left hand lane…all the time. I don’t get the logic of a line of 50 cars in the left lane passing no one. What is that!?! GRR…we finally got off the interstate near Mitchellville and made our way back to Ankeny on back roads where it wasn’t stop and go.
Yesterday I took the day off and headed out to Omaha to visit my friend Julie and her baby Graham who is recovering from his heart surgery there. It was so good to catch up with my dear friend, and see the baby for myself. I just hate that she has to go through this most difficult time, but I pray that God is able to show His purpose to them in time…and continue to hold them close as they navigate through the unknown. I know what it’s like to face an uncertain future, and I pray that God will grant them the peace He so graciously gave me. It is so hard to trust, in times like these, that everything will turn out ok…but I know that God will give them what they need to get through it, just as He has faithfully done for us. We have been so blessed, in so many ways…


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