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Saturday Update: 05/10/08

Well, it’s 9:30 on a Saturday night and I’m sitting here in my pjs with a mask on my face, listening to the rain and wishing I could fast forward these next few weeks. It’s hard to imagine what it will be like when Matt comes home…but I have no doubt it will be wonderful. While we will need time to adjust to the routine in the new surroundings, I can’t help but think about how we struggled at the old house. It’s amazing how time can give you a new perspective on things.

I remember agonizing over whether or not Matt was ready to come home from the hospital and if we would be able to manage things on our own. I remember the many small victories we experienced those first few months and how happy we were that I could rearrange my schedule to be at home and help with Matt’s needs. I remember how much easier things were when he came home after spending twelve weeks in Omaha with new skills and more confidence. We celebrated our independence, but as time went on, we slowly became keenly aware of just how many challenges we had, and how difficult it had become to continue at our grueling schedule and surroundings which were more and more incompatible with our situation. I longed for the time when we would be able to live in this wonderful new house together and for many of my burdens to be lifted…and of course, for Matt to feel the pride of independence and self worth. And then I remember those first few days in China when I kept trying to convince myself that it wasn’t so bad at home…that perhaps we had made a mistake traveling there and we’d just turn around and go back…where it was comfortable. The struggles and worries back home faded in my panic over leaving Matt alone in a foreign country. But now, ten weeks later, looking around at the layout of our new home, I am quite sure we made the right choice. Matt will thrive in this new house…we both will…and we will be better for having had this experience in China. That being said…I am so ready to just have him back and begin what I know will be the best chapter in our lives. We’ve been through unimaginable things, and we’ve come through it together…stronger and more united than ever. I am so grateful.

Earlier tonight I talked to Matt for over an hour! Calling him on Saturday nights (his Sunday morning) are the best! He doesn’t have exercise so we can take our time and really talk. They did some blood work yesterday and found that he does have an infection. They’ve been treating him with IV fluids and also performed a special kind of cupping with larger cups on his back to help break up his cough. He was looking forward to a low-key Sunday to rest up. I hope he’s able to get over this infection soon! Thankfully it hasn’t kept him down…his spirits are good, especially counting down the days (only 15) until I return to China.

I got up early this morning and met my friend Jami to help at a car show her PTA group was putting on for her children’s school. It was so much fun to go and see the cars and use some of the knowledge that Matt imparted on me to teach (I use the term lightly) her a thing or two about cars. Matt would have been proud of me – I even wore his Trans Am t-shirt! I told him tonight that I know just enough about cars to sound like I know a lot more than I really do. He taught me well! I took a bunch of pictures for Matt so he could peruse them later and dream about cruise night at Porky’s when he gets back. I’ve been stockpiling all his magazines (he has 3 car magazine subscriptions) so he’ll have plenty of catching up to do and I know he’s looking forward to that!!

In exciting house news, the yard was graded on Thursday and Friday afternoon they came to lay down sod in the front yard! What a difference that made!!! They are planning to come back Monday and finish the job. I wish they’d been able to do the whole thing since it’s been raining off and on all day today…but I’ll take what I can get. It was just so wonderful to look out and see GREEN instead of piles of dirt and debris!! I’m hoping next week I can start working in my flower beds and really bring this yard to life…I can’t wait!!


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