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Tuesday Update: 10/25/05

Blessing for the day:
WE ARE GOING TO YOUNKER REHAB TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Pause while we all do our happy dance!) The representative called today to let me know that she had recommended Matt for their program, the Physiatrist there agreed, they got it all lined up with my insurance, and were arranging for him to be transferred tomorrow! We were SO excited!!!!!!!! Matt asked me this morning ‘Tell me what u think my chances of getting out of here are’. I told him 100%, but that I didn’t know for sure when it would be. It was a real treat that she called and said it would be tomorrow! What a HUGE milestone for us, we are thrilled!

The therapists are all pretty sad that we’re leaving; they were full of hugs and warm wishes. They completely understand though, that Matt needs to be in an environment more geared towards this type of recovery. I know he will thrive there. These therapists have all played a very important role in his rehabilitation, and we will never forget that. We have been blessed by each one of them…truly.

Matt has been more and more curious about how things were in the hospital, and I’ve been sharing some of the things he said and did while there. He didn’t remember pulling out his feeding tube (three times), most of the visits, the funny things he said, or really much at all. I realized he probably didn’t remember me telling him my bird story, so I retold it to him today…which brought him to tears. I also realized that I had not put the bird story on the blog either. I think I didn’t want people to think I was kooky, but now I realize the blessing in sharing this story – so here goes:
The fist time I went home after this happened, was the morning of the third day. I went in and took a shower and cleaned up a bit. I decided when I went back that I wanted to drive Matt’s car; for no other reason than to be close to him and his things in some small way. I was in the driveway adjusting all the mirrors and the seat etc. It was a warm, sunny morning and I glanced up out the window as I reached to adjust the seatbelt to a lower position. As I looked up, I saw what must have been a hundred, or more, white birds with black tipped wings. They were flying above my neighbor’s yard…right where I happened to look…in a circle. They were just hovering there, flying around and around. How bizarre I thought…what the heck? Than it just hit me…that’s God. God is showing me that He is there, watching over us. I instantly felt a sense of peace and went on my way to the hospital. As I pulled in to the hospital parking lot I looked up, and what should I see? The same white birds flying around in a circle in the sky! Now, there is no way I could have seen them from my house and the hospital and the same time, they were too low…and there’s no way they could have flown from my house down to the hospital that fast. I just knew it was God, showing me His presence and that He was watching out for Matt. I parked the car, looked up, and they were gone. Just like that. Gone. I have never seen as obvious a sign of God’s presence than that. I was just filled with warmth. God is good.

Matt’s grandparents brought him a little pin with an angel on it yesterday; his guardian angel. They said that his guardian angel was watching out for him when this happened, and has continued to watch over him throughout his recovery. We couldn’t agree more. Today Matt asked me to put the pin on, and he wore it all day. He knows that someone up there is watching out for him, that’s for sure.

Once we are settled in at Younker and know what the routine will be like, I will post good times to visit. We are more than ready to be heading over there, and I look forward to good times ahead with his continued progress and improvement.


Matt and Emily -- Praise the Lord for His blessings! We'll be seeing y'all at Younker Rehab (next to Methodist Hospital, as I remember???) when you get settled in.

Everyone sends their love, and remember that we're still praying for both of you!

Pastor Dean

Rev. J. Dean McNamara, Senior Pastor
Westover Baptist Church
Des Moines IA
Carol Nelson said…
Matt and Emily-Just wanted to let you know how much I have been thinking about all you've been through. Even though you haven't heard from me, I am here daily reading your updates. So glad to see things are going on the right track. Sure makes me step back and appreciate the little things life deals me daily. Take care, god bless,

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